Universal Harvest is initially working with other organisations (registered charities and local community groups) in the borough of Newham and surrounding areas. We provide up to 10 bags of essential non-perishable and in-date food, with each bag packaged to last a month at a time. It would then be the responsibility of that organisation to pass on the food to the individuals they have identified to be beneficiaries of our services. Your charity does not have to be working with those suffering with poverty alone, those who have been identified to be facing unexpected tragic circumstances e.g. house fires, homelessness, unemployment, sickness etc. We want to hear from you all.

As we are kicking off our first project in the London borough of Newham and its surrounding areas, if you are a registered charity or a HMRC recognised organisation, we would like to hear from you about; your charity and any interests in signing up for our services.

There is no charge for our services; however we do require legal documentation to confirm that you are either a registered charity or a HMRC recognised organisation. We do not make provisions to individuals directly.

If you are interested in signing up, that is good news; we are looking forward to working with you to support those who need it most. Sometimes accessing help can be hard, so we hope by working together we can get those needs met and be effective every day.

If you have any queries, do let us know. We are open to hearing your feedback no matter what you decide.

We hope to complete all applications within 20 working days from the day you register. However, in cases where the level of interest is high and resources are low, we will inform you if your application may take longer. Please see below for the registration process.


The application process consists of four steps.

Step 1:  Fill in the form

If you have read the information provided and are interested in signing up, then fill in the form below.

DOWNLOAD CHARITY REGISTRATION FORM HERE  —>   Universal Harvest Charity Registration Form

Step 2: Information Gathering Meeting

Universal Harvest will aim to contact your organisation back within 5 working days of contacting us. We will then agree a date, time and location for a one-to-one meeting. Please note we will require your legal documentation for your charity registration (certificate), or other formal documentation for community groups.

In this meeting, we will discuss;

  • Contents of the bags
  • What is expected from your charity
  • What you can expect from Universal Harvest
  • The fortnightly mandatory reports
  • Confirm the main contact person for future enquiries
  • Deliveries

Step 3: Meeting Feedback – Agree Terms and Conditions

You will be sent a feedback based on the initial meeting in Step 2. If we find that all is satisfactory with the legal registrations of your charity, we will send you a letter detailing the provisions we are able to provide over the agreed period of time.

Step 4: Agree Food Provision Delivery

Once you have sent back your acceptance of our feedback for the provisions, we are ready to make the first delivery!


We will agree continual support over a period of 6 months with your charity. During this time, we hope to then start discussions with you about our advisory services so that Universal Harvest can effectively provide advice on regaining stability.