Universal Harvest is a registered charity organisation (Charity no. 1164628). We work towards the relief of poverty for the benefit of people in the UK, who are in conditions of need by reason of sickness, age or economic circumstances, by the provision of non-perishable and in-date food. We hope that with our charitable services we can not only support those in need, but also take effective steps and measures in helping to overcome this.

It is often said that if someone is in need of bread, talking or giving them comforting words alone will not help them in that area. It is more worthwhile to teach someone how to make bread than to just give it to him or her. Our aim is to offer that essential need and then provide a support scheme to regain knowledge and stability through education, which can last a lifetime.


Universal Harvest is in need of support from all supermarket chains who can help our cause by donating non-perishable food items. We are hoping that if your supermarket store can donate these items, that this would be a continuous donation. When Universal Harvest started, it was just a good deed in which the founder would solely finance the purchase of the food items himself. This was reported to have gone a long way in the lives of people who these bags reached. If one person can impact the lives of many, what sort of impact could we make collectively? The impact would indeed be endless.

We are very keen to hear your thoughts and whether you can support us. Your support will mean a lot to Universal Harvest and even more so for the beneficiaries we hope to reach through this provision.

If you can support with food donations, we would like to know if you are happy for us to use your logo on our website as a well appreciated donator/supporter. If there are other ways you feel you can support us, we are also very keen to hear from you.



Please fill in the form below to contact us about making food donations to Universal Harvest or if you have any questions please contact us on 0203 457 5728


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