Universal Harvest is kicking off its first project in the London borough of Newham. We are looking to hear from all community groups and charities in the borough. Look at our ‘HELPING YOU’ page for more details on how Universal Harvest can help your charity support those who are in need.


The unexplainable event that took place in the life of the founder (hereby known as UH) that established Universal Harvest all started in this borough. The separate events that left the founders home and car being victim of an arson attack, caused him and his family to move rapidly from a state of comfortable living to being stripped of that. They say there are two sides to every story and whilst UH may never know why his home and vehicle was attacked, his side of the story is simply to better the lives of those who may have experienced worse or are facing unexpected tragic circumstances such as; house fire victims, homelessness, unemployment, sickness etc.

According to London’s Poverty Profile – London borough of Newham is ranked in the bottom four performing boroughs in their latest reports. Some key points of the report:

  • Whilst unemployment has fallen, it is still significantly higher than the London average.
  • Low pay is also a problem in the borough, it is reported that around 35% of residents are paid below the London living wage. – This is the highest rate in the capital.

Please visit for more details on the report and comparisons of other boroughs.

As reported by the Public Health Profile – Newham was recorded to have the worst values for deprivation, homelessness and cases of TB in the UK. 83.8% of people in Newham live in deprivation and it was reported that 27.2% (that is around 19,700 of its 318,000 population) of children live in poverty.

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